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Bringing you Kittyworks takes lots of time, thought, resources and love. If you find any joy here, please consider supporting us with a donation of your choosing.

Your support is vital to keeping Kittyworks working.  The Kittyworks Facebook Page, and the Kittyworks Pinterest Page are growing and the website is just loaded with cool content about kitties.  Now we would like to make Kittyworks work even better for you.  For this we need your support.



Like your local public TV station, Kittyworks is on a fundraising drive.  

We are raising funds to build a robust fundraising operation for SB3 and to make improvements to Kittyworks.

The fundraising operation we are building is for a start-up nonprofit research organization named SB3SB3 does research on the molecular level that will lead cures for diseases such as cancers and AIDS, develop new medicines and antibiotics, and make personalized medicine a reality.




There has been some confusion about our mission. We would like to provide some clarification.

No, we absolutely do not (and can not and will not) do ANY type of animal testing. Our research is all computer based.

We are also (hard-core) animal lovers. We build Kittyworks because we are totally crazy about cats and hope we can bring awareness to the type of work we do.

The research we conduct is initially for humans. But this type of research can apply to ALL living beings. Most of the research involves X-ray crystallography, which is "root core" of many, many scientific fields. The problem (for us and others in this field) with this type of research is that it is difficult to explain easily. We are doing our best to bring awareness to this type of research. Here is a link that further explains X-ray crystallography. We think you will see what we mean about trying to explain this is a short and concise way!!!


Here are links to explain Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, which are also major parts of our work. These are the rest of the types of research we do.



If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at info@kittyworks.com



We are a group of cat lovers looking for creative ways to fund cutting edge medical research. We hear that cats are popular on the internet! So it did not take too long for us to put two of our favorite things together.

Our main focus is to fund a nonprofit start-up research organization named SB3. SB3 does research in the fields of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics.

Kittyworks is a collaboration of many people from different backgrounds and experiences. What ties us together is a desire to make the world a better place.



The Center for Systems Biology and Bioinformatics in Buffalo (or SB3) is a start-up nonprofit research  organization based in Buffalo, New York, formed under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and incorporated in the State of New York, conducting research in the fields of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics.



Belkaworks is the corporate name for our fundraising operation. So far, we have 2 websites under the Belkaworks umbrella. They are Kittyworks and Belkaworks.



SB3 needs as many sources of funds as possible.  We would like to provide the freedom for our researchers to pursue cutting edge research they think is important.  Also, by having an external fundraising operation, we would like to keep fundraising expense percentages at SB3 as low as possible.  This way more funds, at SB3, will go to research.



Our goal is to fund a nonprofit start-up research organization named SB3. SB3 does research in the fields of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics. The root core of future discoveries, like treatments for Cancers and AIDS, new medicines, antibiotics and personalized medicine will come from these fields.

Because SB3 is a nonprofit organization, it needs many sources of funding. One of our goals is for SB3 to be as self-sufficient as possible.

One reason we created Kittyworks (and it's sister site named Belkaworks) is to have an independent funding source that will give the researchers as much freedom as possible. Usually when a large institution or government gives you funding, they usually exert too much control. This often stifles innovation.



These are tough economic times for nonprofit research organizations. Unfortunately in these tight times funders become conservative and bold science suffers. Now, more than ever, research organizations such as SB3 depend on YOU to help them find cures for diseases.

Become a member of Kittyworks. You will become a member of a community that cares about advanced research that will bring closer the goals of finding cures to diseases and making personalized medicine a reality. As a member you will be kept up to date with the latest news about Kittyworks. We promise there will be surprises for all!

We are just at the beginning of a renaissance in the fields of medical research. Kittyworks and SB3 are created to take advantage of these times.


What will my donation do?

Improve the Kittyworks experience by improving website, hiring writers and artists.  Most important help us build a funding platform for SB3.

What happens if target is not reached?

The Kittyworks campaign is a flexible campaign.  All contributions directly and immediately contribute to the cause.  Your support will also help us build the next phase of fundraising.

What percentage of my donation will be received by Kittyworks?

Since we are hosting the donation page ourselves, no fee will be deducted for the use of a fundraising platform.  Depending on the payment option, an internal transaction fee may apply.

Are the donations tax deductible?

No.  All donations to Kittyworks are NOT tax deductible.  If you are looking for a tax deduction (US only), you may visit the SB3 website's donation page.  We are planning a SB3 fundraising campaign, later in the year.


First of all, you will get the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to advance medical research.  You will also have the pleasure of enjoying a newer and better Kittyworks experience.

Other than that....not much for now. 

Pledge at the $5 level and you get:

UPDATES  - You will get Kittyworks Mission Updates

A PROMISE – We promise not to name any exotic embarrassing medical conditions after you. (Oh, yes, we know people who can make this happen)

Pledge at the $10 level and you get:



A NUMBERED OFFICIAL KITTYWORKS MEMBERSHIP CARD  -  This card will be numbered in the order we get your pledge, with the amount pledged.  For now, this card is pretty useless (but very cool). But we intend to make this card a “joy” for you in the future.  Let's just say the lower the number and the higher the Pledge, the more possible joy in the future.


Just Take My Money level and you get:

Pledge any amount.  Minimum at $1 and up to “the sky's the limit”.

Pledge over $10 and get everything at the $10 level, with the addition of more possible joy in the future via your Numbered Official Kittyworks Membership Card.



Do you have any questions?  Feel free to contact us at info@kittyworks.com

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