Floof (for mostly Cats)

September 20th, 2021

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Floof (for mostly Cats)

Floof (for Mostly Cats)



“I thought this was an NFT Generator Project!”


“Looks like you done pick the wrong algorithm, Chief.”


Floofs are stories generated for cat lovers and stored on the blockchain.


Floof can be used for Movie and TV scripts, Games, Epic Poetry, very Short Stories, Novels, Lyrics, most Musicals, Musings (I think), Theatre, Art Flicks, Sitcoms and (I can go on)……


There will be several Floofs a week, until we run out of ideas (like that’ll ever happen) or we hit the wall (just keep us happy by using Floofs).


Join us and let’s expose the very soft underbelly of the Cat Meme Industrial Complex.


Inspired by the people who were inspired by the people, who were inspired by Loot.


Floof is a powerful mythology building tool.


Own Floof and get free drops (if or when we ever drop anything).


Misspellings and bad grammar are intentional.

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