Kittyworks Litepaper

September 11th, 2021

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Kittyworks Litepaper



“Time spent with a cat is never wasted.”  -- Colette


“When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.”  – Mark Twain





Kittyworks is a cat-themed entertainment company, based in Buffalo, New York. Founded in 2013, the Company has organically grown to over 200,000 fans, mostly on the Kittyworks Facebook Page.


Kittyworks is a community for cat lovers who share and write funny comments, enjoy cat images and memes.


Belkaworks is the parent corporation, which receives 100% of its revenue from Kittyworks.

Belkaworks is a DBA and will be organized as a C-corporation.






Kittyworks is now a development stage company looking for early funding to build a video game studio. The Company is currently in the development stage of its first cat themed video game with funny and cool kitties with real Catitude, NFTs and ERC20 Ethereum based tokens.


The proposed launch for “Kittyworks Amazing Adventures” (working title) is in the 4th quarter of 2021.






The Company is seeking to raise $40,000. The primary use of funds will be the development and marketing of the first video game and setting up the Kittyworks Studio.






Problem Worth Solving


People are looking for ways to be entertained, even for short periods of time, whether on a bus, subway or in between events.


Our Solution


Create a simple idle video game, also know as an Incremental Game with basic (habit forming) core mechanics, innovative design and humor to keep players amused and occupied. Also known as “clicker games”, they are affectionately described, by core gamers, as “time wasters”.




Goals and Objectives



The primary goal is to create a successful “play to earn” video game that reaches a competitive level of popularity. 


The Company quantifies this level by acquiring 25,000 active monthly users of “Kittyworks Amazing Adventures” within 12 months of product launch. Subsequently, the Company aims to launch 2 more game products over the next 2 years.


Kittyworks cannot (for now) and should not compete with bigger and more complex (AAA) games.  “Kittyworks Amazing Adventures” is more like a snack, compared to a 10-course meal.



The objective is to obtain $40,000 of investment funding to finance the development and marketing of “Kittyworks Amazing Adventures”.





Description of Product



“Kittyworks Amazing Adventures” is a video game to be available on Android and Apple Stores.  Eventually there will be a PC version.


“Kittyworks Amazing Adventures” (working title) will be a “Play to Earn” Polygon blockchain based video game.


The Game will start off as a mobile idle game. The Game will scale up as financing becomes available.


Kittyworks Amazing Adventues will be a free game. It will be available at the Google Store and Apple App Store.





Customer Benefits Provided by Product


The popularity of Kittyworks and the Game’s unique “Play to Earn” element combine to create a heightened level of entertainment for users looking to “kill time” during their day.


The goal is to build a virtual world where players will be able to monetize their game experiences.







Competitive Edge



Kittyworks has been around since 2013.  During those 8 years, Kittyworks has created over 11,000 cat memes and captioned cat images. This large and deep library of comedic material and creative experience is valuable proven intellectual property and essential in the concept creation of “Kittyworks Amazing Adventures” and future games.




  1. Google Play
  2. Apple iTunes Store
  3. Steam





  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Pinterest





  1. In-App Purchases
  2. Opt-In In-App Ads
  3. Merchandise
  4. NFTs
  5. Cryptocurrency




  1. Game Designer and Artist
  2. Legal
  3. Update Kittyworks Website
  4. Unity Pro Software
  5. Cryptocurrency
  6. Build In-Game NFT Character Generator




The Company is seeking $40,000 in financing.  The primary use of funds will be the development and marketing of “Kittyworks Amazing Adventures” through years 1 and 2.


The funds will be used as follows.


$5,000 for Legal

$5,000 for Game Design

$5,000 for Game Art and Sound

$5,000 for updated Kittyworks website

$7,000 for Ethereum based Tokens

$3,000 for Generative NFT project

$5,000 for Salaries

$5,000 for Miscellaneous Expenses








George Popovich, CEO


George Popovich has a background in Economics, Finance and Entrepreneurship.  He is the Founder and CEO of Kittyworks.  He currently owns 100% of Belkaworks.



Key Roles


The Kittyworks Team consists of a Game Developer, Game Artist and a Kitty Content Manager. At this time, they are contract employees. Kittyworks will add to the team as finances allow.

We are also looking for advisors for the project, especially with knowledge of the OpenSea, Polygon Studios, NFTs and cryptocurrencies.






Kittyworks will travel through the Metaverse with simple and fun games with eye pleasing art, NFTs and Cryptocurrency.


Our goal is to create a colorful, safe and fun community for cat lovers and gamers, not just an investment platform.


Our part of the Metaverse will be designed from the beginning to be free, fair and beneficial to both developers and players.






Help us now by visiting the following and make a purchase!


Redbubble for Kittyworks Merch like T-Shirts, Posters, Stickers and MORE!


OpenSea for NFT and Blockchain Collectibles


OpenSea | Kittyworks - Profile Page


OpenSea | Kittyworks - Founders Series


OpenSea | Kittyworks – Catitude Series



OpenSea | Kittyworks - Art Gallery







White Paper, Generative NFT Project, Video Game Open Beta and more.

















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