Adorable Spokescat NyaRan in Super-cute Commercials for a Japanese Travel Agency

December 30th, 2013

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NyaRan is the main character and spokescat for Jalan, a Japanese travel agency. The name NyaRan is a play on the words “nya” and the company name Jalan. The Japanese word for meow is nya.

In these commercials, we see the main character NyaRan, usually with friends, travel for business and pleasure.

In Japan adorable kitties and super cuteness is taken to the highest levels. Who knows, maybe the secret ingredient to the Japanese GNP (Gross National Product) is super-cute and adorable kitties. (note: writer is a highly opinionated and idealistic Economics geek)

NyaRan with super-cute and adorable little friend get to their hotel

NyaRan and little friend have super-cute and adorable dinner

NyaRan dances while offering 1000 yen discount (super-cute and catchy tune)

NyaRan carves a watermelon, ninja style, with friends

NyaRan's adorable little friend reflects about the trip

NyaRan's little friend loves fireworks!

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