Ack akakaka ack akakak meow ackackack..........

December 27th, 2013

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Why do cats chatter? Who knows! Until our kitties bother learning to properly communicate with humans, we will never know.

There are many theories:

- cat is frustrated about not being able to get to prey

- is a reflex motion imitating the killing bite to it's prey

- cat is trying to control it's excitement in seeing prey

- cats are mimicking the calls of its prey (my favorite theory)


- there are people who think a cat's chattering is funny

- there are people who take a cat's chattering as a sign of something is seriously wrong with their kitty

All I know is here are 3 riveting, teeth clenching and jaw-dropping videos of cats chattering.

A thrilling and suspenseful roller-coasting ride of cat chattering. A must-see!

Chattering Leo the Cat

Visionary, art house level, a great piece of film making On the scale of 0 to 5, I give this cat chattering video a 5!

Cute Maine Coons chattering at city birds – pretty funny

"an anthem for today's generation," This duet has an audience in mind. Starts gently, with a strong finish!

Two kittens chattering in unison!

…........ack ackackacka ack akakak......... meow?

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