December 23rd, 2013

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In their own way, cats love to share in the Christmas spirit. For cats, a Christmas tree brings great joy and even greater challenge. Cats can't seem to resist the combination of elegant ornaments, shiny bells and tree toppers with a their natural instinct to climb, hide and play.

Here are 8 videos of Cats enjoying and bringing joy to the holiday season!

We love Shorty and Kodi ( ). In this video, Shorty, Kodi and friends celebrate Christmas, accompanied by a very catchy tune.

I'm Climbing Up The Christmas Tree NEOW 2013!

 We are crazy about Simon's Cat ( . In this animated clip, Simon's Cat discovers a Christmas Tree and then the meaning of Christmas.

Santa Claws – Simon's Cat

Andy the cat never climbs the tree whenever anybody is home. So a video camera was set up to record Andy for when he has the house to himself.

Our cat, our Christmas tree, & time-lapse

Jazzy, a vocal Siamese cat, makes short work of her first Christmas Tree

Jazzy Knocks Over Christmas Tree

A normally well behaved cute and cuddly cat goes absolutely crazy over the decorations on a Christmas Tree.

Crazy Cat Attacks Christmas Tree – again and again

Sesshomaru's best instincts take over to disastrous results.

Cat Christmas Tree Disaster

A Christmas Tree's revenge!

Cat Surprised by Singing Christmas Tree

A cat, falling dominoes and a wish for a Meowy Christmas!

Cat Knocks Down Christmas Tree

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