Catvertising and Kittywood Studios

December 12th, 2013

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"No one wants to see ads anymore.  They want cat videos."
- Catvertising Ad Executive

John St., a Toronto based ad agency, in this parody video claim to be switching to do nothing but cat videos.

Their goal is to give you the pleasure of watching cat videos while they sell you something.  This is like the old "A Spoonful of Sugar" ( ) strategy. ( Sort of like us raising funds for advanced medical research (SB3) via kitty images.  But enough about us.

Check out how catvertising will change the world.


"The future of the internet is cats"
- CEO of Kittywood Studios

In this parody video, an imaginary Hollywood-like studio is the world largest producer of cat videos.

Here is a behind the scenes peek at Kittywood Studios.

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Punkin 7 years ago

I want to work at KITTYWOOD!!!! Dream job! :)

17track 3 years ago

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