Is the Internet Cats?

December 11th, 2013

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Is the Internet Cats? We hope so! We built Kittyworks as a way to bring attention to and fund advanced medical research. Our main focus is to fund a nonprofit start-up research organization named SB3. SB3 does research in the fields of Structural Biology and Bioinformatics.

We will be scouring the internet and then posting images and stories of kitties that we hope you will enjoy. So, please visit us often!

Here is a video that ìputs into a nutshell the question, "Is the Internet Cats?"

Mike Rugnetta, host of PBS's Idea Channel, answers the question, "Is the Internet Cats?" This video puts into a nutshell the relationship between cats and the internet.

Check out Mike Rugnetta's videos at the PBS Idea Channel where he examines the connections between pop culture, technology and art. ( Here you will find videos such as "Is Minimalism the Secret to Hello Kitty's Success?"

What Does The Doctor Mean to You?

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downincircles 8 years ago

Its ALLLLL cats!

itslearning 4 years ago

itslearning forsyth

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